The Commuter Review

The Commuter Review

Jenavieve Pursell, Staff Writer

I recently saw The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson, as the main character. Before seeing the movie I had not seen any sort of trailer for it so I did not know what to expect. The movie is an action packed story about a man who is recruited into a murder conspiracy on his daily commute.

The man encounters a mysterious woman who tells him certain tasks he must complete before the train reaches a certain stop. If he completes the task, he has the chance to get $100,000 as long as he completes it correctly. He must find the person on the train that does not belong and is usually not there, who is linked to the said murder conspiracy.

If you pay close attention to all of the events in the movie it all comes together at the end. As an action movie it was not really packed with too much, I would describe it more as a thriller. I did not really get that ‘edge of my seat’ feeling. It was more of just a mystery that they dragged out. At the end there is a twist, which was definitely the best part.

Over all, I would recommend seeing the movie because the plot was very interesting even if some parts weren’t entertaining.