Future Decisions

Archer Kerrick, Contributing Writer

If you have a career in mind it’s most likely obtainable through a college degree, special certification, or military service. Decisions are what get us to those goals in life.

Although it may seem early, it is never to early to plan out the future.

For college, we have to decide what exactly we want to major or minor in depending on the career and school we choose. Although, these decisions can be altered at almost any point of their college education. On average, according to N.Y.U. 69.2% of Americans opt to attend college after high school. Sophomore Evan Demuzzio is part of that 69.2%.

Evan says he plans to go to college in the future because he feels it gives him a better opportunity to get a job that he enjoys and is passionate about. “I want to be an engineer. I am very interested in the math and science that surrounds the world of engineering.”

Evan is also involved in track, so picking a university that fits both his education requirements and his athletic requirements is not easy. ” I plan on attending Penn State University, they have a great track program that I want to be apart of and they have a prestigious engineering program that I would also like to be part of.”

Evan also must consider his majors and minors before he attends Penn State. “I plan to major in engineering and a math or science, I feel that would best suit my plans for my future career.” Minors also play an important role in college education. ” I plan to minor in either math or science and possibly English.”

Evan says he has had this plan in mind for a couple years now and he plans to stick with it. However, there are some people who do not have a plan for the furture.

According to New York Times 8.5% of students do not have a plan at all for their futures. And a Penn State University research team discovered about 20%-50% of college students enter college undecided.

Sophomore Lucas Geiger has admitted he does not have a plan for the future. “I feel like we are pressured to make decisions that we do not need to make right away.” He feels that it is best if you let the person decide to plan when they are fully prepared for life after high school.

“At the moment, I just want to live life and not worry about future decisions, I know I will be supported by my friends and family no matter what decision I make. It might take awhile for me to make one but I will eventually.”

Lucas has even expressed interest in military service. “I may serve if I feel I need to but for now I’m just chilling out and waiting.” Approximately, 180,000 men and women are recruited to the military out of high school every year according to time.com .

Some students do not want to go to college so they attend vocational tech schools that may allow them to go straight into the work area of their desire. These tech schools have their students receive hands-on work in their classes. Shawn Salerno plans to attend a tech school in the future.

“I already get hands-on experience where I work.” Shawn has a passion for engineering. “I work at a garage where I get to see exactly how its done, and then I perform the same acts they do.” Shawn plans to go to a tech school that specializes in auto mechanics. “If I feel by senior year that I don’t need to go to a tech school, I might just try to become part of the normal workforce at the garage.

These students have their futures in mind, do you?