Gerry’s vs. Angelo’s

Jamie Yeninas, Staff Writer

One of the biggest arguments in the high school is whether Gerry’s is better than Angelo’s. In my opinion, Angelo’s is the winner because at Angelo’s a mini sweet and thick cost $3.40 and for Gerry’s is will cost you $3.85. Angelo’s might not have as much room to sit but they are always welcoming at don’t kick you out 15 minutes before they close. Also when I go to Gerry’s with a group of friends one of our pizzas is always burned witch has become one of the reason Angelo’s is better in my mind. The good thing about Gerry’s is they never have a 2 hour wait and you don’t have to call 20 plus times to order your food but that’s well known in the valley that’s how Angelo’s works. Gerry’s is also closed on Mondays when Angelo’s is open 7 days a week 4pm to 12am. Gerry’s hour differ from Tuesday –Saturday 4pm to 11pm and on Sunday they close at 10 pm. Angelo’s is just better in my mind.