Kate, Autumn, Maddee, Staff Writers

The use of vaping devices has now become an epidemic among teenagers, according to NBC News. An epidemic is classified as a substantial issue affecting a widespread area, and it seems like everywhere you go, you can find someone vaping.
Studies have proven that teen e-cigarette users are more likely to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. 30% of e-cig users started smoking tobacco cigarettes within six months, while 8% of non users started smoking. Advertising is the main reson why vape company, Juul, has been caught under fire. Juuls are nicotine e-cigarette devices that could certainly initiate addiction. 70% of teens are exposed to e-cigarette ads. 56% of high school age students are exposed to retail e-cig advertisements, 43% are retail advertisements, 38% are television and movie advertisements, and 35% are exposed to newspaper and magazine advertisements, according to drug abuse.org. The ads are making the products seem appealing to younger audiences. E-cigarette advertisments are now being treated like cigarette ads, because they are believed to gain younger audiences.
Though the Juul has already grown in popularity drastically, many teenagers are beginning to realize it’s just not worth it, due to the intense cravings the face. Juul use can also be harmful to the growing body, as can any nicotine product. The founders of Juul are planning to begin to create an end to teenagers using their product.