Media Makeover

Archer Kerrick, Staff Writer

You are probably wondering about the large TVs that just randomly appeared in the school. Those televisions were recently added not from the school but were actually donated by the Comic Book and Gamers club and Student Council using their own club funding. The flat screens were given to Student Publications to help expand the volume and quality of the media that Student Publications publishes.

“We partnered up with Student Publications as a way of giving back as stated in our bylaws” said Mr. Hufford, one of two Comic Book and Gamers club advisors. “We do what we can to benefit the school” said Hufford. The partnership will also help the Journalism students learn broadcast techniques that the Gamers club members can teach them. “Many people don’t realize what we do within the club. Most just see us as playing video games and being nerdy but we actually do much more” stated Hufford.

Student Publications has many ideas with which they will use the digital signage. This includes daily announcements, sports schedules, weekly cafeteria menus, and club announcements. Forms will be found in the main office or journalism studio for those who want an event or announcement to be broadcasted on the t.v.’s.  Eventually, the digital signage will broadcast Spartan Live and has even more possibilities for the future.

Speaking for all of us here on the Student Publications staff, we would like to give a special thank you to the Comic Book and Gamers club for donating the flat screens.