A Broad View

Brooke Pileggi and Elizabeth Cherinka

Jorge Pina

What is your favorite American food?
“Meatballs and pasta.”

What is your hometown?
“Monclova, Mexico.”

What are some major differences from the USA and your country?
“First of all, the language. But there’s not much difference between. In Mexico we don’t have too many fairs just like here, and it’s something I really like.”

Why did you choose to become a foreign exchange student?
“Because I really wanted to learn new cultures from here, and spend a year to learn and see how it feels being an American student.”

What are some of your hobbies?
“Playing football and running.”

What is your favorite song?
“Acquainted by The Weekend”

What is your favorite thing about America?
“Probably the fairs and amusement parks, but I still have too much to do and try here.”

What is your favorite part about Wyoming Valley West?
“The people, I love the student section at the football games.”