Grateful for All, Big or Small

Grateful for All, Big or Small

Jenavieve Pursell, Editor-in-Cheif

     “It’s all about the little things,” is a quote thrown around pretty often, but do you ever question what those “little things” are? They’re everywhere and in all you do, and they’re the reason to be grateful for what you have.

     Gratitude is a small act that can travel for miles. Being grateful for what you have not only improves your attitude, but provides a positive aspect on life. Taking the time to find the beauty in your surroundings and every interaction will change your outlook and open your eyes to appreciation. Everyone is grateful for something, even if they fail to give recognition. As you age, your moments get shorter and your gratitude strengthens as you look back on life. But why wait until later in life? Why not appreciate every moment now? In my eyes, there is no time like the present. Every moment is a moment to be thankful for, no matter what. As a human, living anywhere on this entire planet we live on, gratitude will take you far.

    There are plenty of reasons every day to feel grateful. Maybe it’s through your career, social life, family, or schooling. What about the smaller scale things? Do you go home at night and thank your lucky stars that your friend you’ve known for ages told you something absolutely ridiculous? Probably not, it’s not something we are generally thankful for. If your friend ended up in a fatal accident things would change. That measly conversation that seemed pointless may end up being something you were grateful to have in her last moments. Gratitude can develop with time when it comes to these so called “little things” and a memory can convert to thankfulness. This is why we should be thankful for any and every memory we have and cherish it like it’s our own special treasure.

     You never know when anything can be taken away. You can suffer from being laid off,  losing a scholarship, losing a person significant to your life, or even losing your own life. I’ve adopted the motto “don’t take it for granted,” and feel as though everyone should live with this thought in the back of their mind.
    The pleasure of anything can make you feel a sense of appreciation. There are people every day that feel this appreciation for events or actions you may see as devastating. Somewhere, someone found a medication to increase their small chance of survival, someone was able to find enough money on the street for a bottle of water, and someone found a piece of tattered cloth to wear as an outfit. Some people don’t have any resources to survive at all.

   The saddest part is, often times those with less feel more grateful than those with just about everything they need. People everywhere who are affected by poverty, illness, or are just feeling hopeless in life can go from 0-100 by reaching a milestone that boosts their gratitude. Your little things are most likely their big things. Your dinner that you hate but you manage a “thank you” is them  begging “please” for a some leftovers or even a crumb. Your gift of a sports car you didn’t want but manage to say a “thank you” is them begging “please” for a penny to go towards a bus ticket or a pair of shoes to walk for miles. These people try remain thankful and hopeful as hard as they can even when their life feels as if it is falling apart or over. They find ways to keep their positivity in any situation and even if they feel as though they can’t, it’s somewhere deep down. Your next day alive may be their last, and people rarely say thank you for another simple day of living. Everyone is thankful, the matter is most people are not thankful for enough.
  So start small and recognize the moments and people that you are thankful for. Your gratitude will effect their lives for the better and your outlook on everything will change.