Practice Makes Perfect

Toni Amato, Photographer

Senior Nicole Boutanos, and junior Jessica Shaver, walking into practice together. Everyday the girls basketball team arrives 15 minutes early for practice. The team waits and walks in with each other.
From left, juniors Aubrey Boyd and Jessica Shaver and senior Karaline Stelma, joke around before starting laps. As a team, the girls run three laps at the beginning of practice.
Junior, Aubrey Boyd stops to pose for a picture before one of the drills. The team is getting ready to do form shooting. The team form shoots at every practice.
Junior Aubrey Boyd cheers on sophomore Kara Mackiewicz, does the Miken drill. The team does the miken drill 3 times for 30 seconds each practice.
The team takes a water break during practice. Depending on the practice, depends on the amount of water breaks.
Junior Toni Amato is holding the ball while going over plays. Each practice the team goes over old and new plays to prepare for the next team they will face.
At the end of every practice, the team ends in a huddle. each member of the team puts their hands in to wait and call the end of practice.
Junior Jessica Shaver gets ready to throw an over the head cross court pass to one of her teammates. Coach Keith, right, watches over the practice to make sure all is well. The team is currently scrimmaging and making each other better.
Junior Jessica Shaver performs the Miken drill as teammate and senior Karaline Stelma watches. The team rotates turns on this drill.
Freshman Brandy Varner does the “Put Back” drill. The “Put Back” drill is designed to help get rebounds and put the ball back up in the hoop effectively. The team does this drill 3 times and for 30 seconds.