Book Review: The Lunar Chronicles

Rebecca Frey, Contributing writer

After reading the series by Marissa Meyer I had quite a lot of things to say about it. Mostly, it was good, however, there were large plot holes as I read further into the books. The largest plot hole was that the storyline was very predictable in its outcome. As I read more, I could see that I had already guessed everything that would happen, after all, it is based off of fairy tales such as, Cinderella and Snow White.

Another plot hole was a very predictable ending. Of course it is guessable that the villain will eventually fall or die because the hero saves everyone.

However, on the opposite side, the books gave a great character development for the side characters such as Iko and Ran. The author also did a really good job paying attention to the backstory of the villain. Personally, the villain backstories in books are often horrible and half done. Queen Levana’s was not. She had a reason to be evil and not just because she wanted the throne or that she was jealous of her sister.

The villain backstory is explained briefly in the book of Winter.  Levana’s story can be told in more detail in her own little novella, Fairest. She explains that her sister had forced her to burn herself, making her bullied and her sister the prettiest girl to exist on Luna.

Levana does have a reason to be evil and to add to that, her power is very limited to what it could do and it also gives her a side effect. The more the Lunars use their “gifts” the more corrupted they become.

These are reasons that have stood out to me the most. I think people should read the series and not judge it because it is based on fairy tales. I think people should read it because the books are just good.