West Test Ready


Savannah Flayhart and Kate Gierszal

The West Test, a standardized test that seniors are required to take if they did not pass the English and Mathematics Keystones. Students must pass this test in order to graduate.

The math test will take place on April 17th at.7:30 a.m in the high school cafeteria. Teachers will help students prepare by handing out packets and review guides to refresh their memory or help them learn the material that the test contains.

However, there are seniors who passed the keystones who do not need to take the West Test. There are students who do not have to take this test who feel it is unnecessary that their peers have to pass a test to graduate. “ I think it is unnecessary and a waste of time to take a test based on your capabilities in order to graduate high school. I had to take the Keystones twice before I finally passed,” said senior Maddee Guerrero. Many students who did not pass the Keystones feel that it is a good replacement for the Keystones. “I feel like it will be easy, and that it is a good alternative for the Keystones,” said senior Ashanti McKinney.