Creating the Perfect Bracket in March Madness

Sadiq Ransome-Burke, Contributing Writer

Ever make a March Madness bracket and think you’ll be the first person to have a perfect bracket so you think hard about what teams you believe will win? Yeah, me too. Picking the perfect bracket is not easy. Statistically the odds of picking a perfect bracket is 1 in 9.2 quintillion odds. Most people haven’t even heard of that number. Not one person as of today, has ever gotten a perfect bracket. Statistics show that it’s easier to win the Powerball Jackpot.

Some don’t believe it’s that hard to pick a perfect bracket. “If you focus on teams and spend countless hours researching them, I believe you can make a perfect bracket. But nobody wants to put in so much time over something not crazy important,” said student, Badu Jallow.

More people think otherwise. “I don’t think anyone will ever make a perfect bracket. The odds are too high for someone to do so. If someone does in the future I’ll be super surprised,” said student Dontae Rhodes.

The longest streak now stands at 49 games before someone has made an error in picking. An Ohio man has predicted all games correctly into the Sweet Sixteen this year, this is something we’ve never seen before.

Prior to this, the longest streak stood at 39 games, 10 games less, which was broken recently by the current record.

Most people go wrong in their brackets when upsets happen. An upset is when a lower-ranked seed defeats a higher-ranked seed in a game. For example, if Duke University was a number one seed that lost to Maryland University that was a number twelve seed, this would be considered an upset.

Some people believed the most insane upset in history happened in 2018. “The most historic upset so far happened last year when UMBC beat UVA in the first round. This caused many bracket busts,” said student Saquan Portee.