Upcoming Blood Drive


Gabriela Gronkowski, Staff Writer

The high school will host a blood drive twice a year. The American Red Cross will come to the school to collect blood donations from students and teachers. The Blood Drive will be November 5th this year.

The Student Council are the ones that set all the dates up. They will have the consent forms for those under 18, around the 5th during all lunches.

When you donate blood it can go to cancer patients, trauma patients, sickle cell patients, burn patients, patients with chronic disease, and disaster patients.

If you cannot donate blood, you can volunteer out of school or ask the Student Council if you can help.

You must have certain hemoglobin levels. If you are a female it must be at least 12.5 g/dL. If you are male it must be at least  13.0 g/dL

They will not take any blood if you are sick. Some illnesses like the flu or a cold. You must wait 24 hour for the illness to pass. If it does not pass then you are not eligible to donate.

If you have allergies, a dry cough, stuffy nose, or itchy eyes, you can still donate as long as you can breathe out of your mouth and you do not have a fever.

You can not have a new tattoo, it must be 12 months old. You also cannot donate if you left the country recently.

To donate blood, you must weigh a certain amount for your height. You can find out if you meet the requirements in the gallery below.

They suggest in the days before the donation, for you to eat healthy iron-rich food and drink extra water. You can not donate if your iron is too low or too high.

Three hours before you donate, eat a balanced meal and avoid fatty foods. After the donation, drink plenty of water and fluids and do not skip any meals.

If you have more questions, you can go to the American Red Cross website.