The Definition of The Word Teacher

Ya'Janeya Lightford, Staff Writer

To many people throughout the world, the word teacher means a variety of things. To some, teachers may be people who are supposed to educate children on basic things such as English and Math. Others believe that teachers light the way for children to have their eyes opened up to the world a little. However, just because these teachers are able to teach doesn’t mean they have the right technique to lead the next generation.

Descriptions such as being fun and cool or not giving too much homework. However, other students feel the depth of the question and answer with what they personally need from their teachers. Junior Morgan Haynes said a good teacher is someone who, “Interacts with the class and uses all forms of learning to teach. And is kind, with a good sense of humor.”   

Additionally, if you are a teacher, there’s a  difference between giving your students the tools to advance and giving them extra burdens to deal with. According to Junior Kendra Jollimore, “A good teacher is a teacher that is willing to help and work with their students and not just throw a bunch of work at students.” 

Furthermore, simple actions can go a long way no matter what or who the situation is with. For example, junior Courtney May stated, “A teacher who interacts with the class, who is understanding, and who does hands on activities.”

Teachers are one of the most important people that contribute to society every day. They are one of the many people in a student’s life who teach them not only about Math and Psychology, but they teach people about themselves and who they want to be in this world they’re living in.