Students Choose Their Own Art Projects

Zakee Dickson, Contributing Writer

Art is a powerful form of expression. Many students like to draw and paint because you can do it in your own way. Do you know art is everywhere around us? We recently spoke to two of Miss Norton’s art students about their experience in her class.


Q: What does Art mean to you?

Eleaner: An escape from the world without having to tell someone how I feel face to face.

Haley: It’s a way of expressing  your ideas.


Q: What is  your favorite thing about art?

Eleaner: The process.  It’s sometimes planned, somtimes not and it’s satisfying to see something come from a sketch.

Haley: There are different forms and different types of art.


Q: Do you think art can be an inspiration to others?

Eleaner: Any art can be an inspiration. It all depends on how the viewer sees things.

Haley: Yes, it can, it all depends on how you show it to others.


Q: Why do you want to continue to do art?

Eleaner: Because I continue to enjoy hands-on sketching and painting. Also, digital art through software.

Haley: I want to do art because I want to inspire others.


Q: What is your favorite medium of art?

Haley: I love traditional art.


Q: What art project are you working on now and what was your favorite in the past?

Eleaner: In art, we’re currently working on a photo composition book.

Haley: My favorite art project was the mask, because it was something new for me.


Q: Is there anything new you learned in art?

Eleaner: In art, I learned how to improve my art skills in traditional mediums.

Haley: I learned how to shade better.


Q: What are your favorite colors to work with?

Eleaner: My favorite colors to work with are warm reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks.

Haley: It changes, although I like working with red.




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