E-Cig Eradication

E-Cig Eradication

Archer Kerrick, Staff Writer

Vaping has become a mainstream epidemic in the last 3 years, progressively getting worse as the years go by. According to the CDC, vaping in highschools has risen to 1 in 4 teens which is a staggering statistic. This means that every 4th highschool student you see entering that bathroom is vaping. 20.8% of students using vapes or e-cigarettes in 2018 has risen to 27.8% this year in 2019.

People across the United States are on a mission to get this number to zero. Now as improbable as that is, President Trump is trying his best to lower it. The Trump administration has been attempting to ban all non-tobacco flavored vape juices so that e-cigarettes are much less appealing to younger users such as teens. Although, if the manufacturers attempt to market the tobacco flavoring to the youth, the Trump administration will look to “engage in enforcement actions” in that area as well.

Highschools are implementing vape detectors in bathrooms to discourage younger vape users. This may slow it down in school but not once those students leave the building. Some students are already extremely addicted to this terrible habit and won’t stop despite the law.

This country-wide ban is more needed than it ever has been due to the deaths by vaping increasing daily. We’ve had 8 deaths and rising in the United States from vaping. These deaths have been an after product of vaping such as lung diseases. There are also 450 cases of lung diseases linked to vaping across the country.

You see your friend over there vaping his lungs out? Yeah, that’s actually what they’re doing, vaping their lungs away.