Billie Eilish: When We All Fall Asleep


Simon Frey

Billie Eilish has just released the new album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? and it is a big hit. The album originally showed up when songs started popping up on the radio.

During this time, there seemed to be no connection to any of the songs, just strange sounding music with dark lyrics. That is until the last three songs were published.

These songs created speculation that there was a bigger story at play than those given in just one song. There were many theories to her album, none that she has confirmed or denied. However, that doesn’t mean one of them isn’t true.

While listening to the full album, I discovered a connection within the last three songs. The songs make one complete statement, listen before I go, I love you, goodbye. Each song seems to be about suicide and the aftermath of what was to come. That is where my theory started to form.

I thought that Billie must be telling a story about someone who had eventually given in to pressure and ended their life, but why? The biggest question, why, came from the last lyric of the song, goodbye, which is “I’m the bad guy.” Then as I started looking more into the song I found that almost every lyric was relating back to the other songs on her album.

She ties the theme of murder within the songs, each having a form of blood involved in the songs.

Moving on into the story, Billie begins to think of herself as queen and that she is the ruler of her own kingdom. She breaks off relationships and eventually, everything begins to downfall.  This all happens in the song of ‘you should see me in a crown.’

Through most of her life, she thinks herself as this queen until she eventually starts to get a warning from her lover, whom she eventually kills out of envy. She says that she is the bad guy, which is what her entire song. ‘Bad guy’ is about.

Billie then goes on to explain that her mind grows darker, after murdering her lover she turns to murdering her friends. She suddenly realizes that she is turning into someone she hates when the police try and search her room for her lover and some of her friends.

Billie than sees only one way out which is the ending three songs. She say about another lover, who has been trying to help her. In ‘I love you’ she sings about not wanting to love the person who is trying to be in her life, or in her eyes, trying to get out. The story takes a dramatic dip when the song ends, trying to make her feel at peace.

The final song is the final battle as she makes her final goodbye. As she dies, she says that in her story she is the bad guy and dies thinking she was a monster.

The connections between each song are very subtle, but listening or even looking at the lyrics, the story kind of plays out on its own.