Time For Something New


Elizabeth Cherinka, Editor in Chief

No one can deny that innocent people around this country are dying senselessly due to the lack of gun control.

In  November, there were 30 mass shootings in our county. There were three in one day, November 10. No one in their right mind can just ignore this or think it is okay. This is very far from okay.

That is why it is time for something new: legislation.

In countries that have strict gun control rarely have mass shootings. There is a direct correlation between the lack of guns and lack of shootings.

The gun culture in our society is insane. We have a day off of school for hunting season. People rejoice their guns and would get the 2nd amendment tattooed onto their body.

Children can no longer go to school without fear. The school shooting that occurred in Santa Clarita, California was caused by a kid who should never have had access to a gun. He was 16 years old; a high school student with a .45 caliber handgun.

Three people, including the shooter, died, 3 were injured, and the entire school community will never heal. These people had friends, family, and classmates who will never forget the day their peers shot up their school.

After the Parkland school shooting, the country erupted with the fight for gun control and Washington sat on their bums and watched as more people continued to die.

Nothing happened so people stopped fighting. I am here to say that the fight for me is not over and it will not be until legislatures stop accepting money from the blood stained hands of the NRA.

Greed has become more important than the lives of the people in this country. It is a fundamental human right to live and that could be taken away due to the lack of gun control.

We as high school students matter but our nation does not see that. Our parents or grandparents did not have to worry every day if they would make it home from school. They didn’t have to make sure their phone was on them in all situations so they could text their mom if something happened.

Our legislatures need to recognize that our lives are more precious than any gun they could ever lay their hands on. They need to recognize that this is a serious issue that needs to be called into the public eye again.

Something new needs to happen in Washington. That “something new” is gun control legislation.