New Vestibule Splits Opinion Among Students and Staff

Alexander Zera and Johanna Maldonado, Contributors

The recently installed vestibule next to the main office in the high school is drawing strong responses from students and teachers.

The new entryway is a security measure that prevents people from walking in and wandering throughout the school.

Some students believe the vestibule is restricting movement and adding difficulty to class transitions.

“I think it’s a great addition to our school because it increases efficiency and safety,” said Mr. Hettes.

Other teachers say they also support the new addition as much-needed.

“It’s a great idea and is a new transition for everybody,” said Mrs. Kaminski. “It keeps us safe.”

“Honestly, I can’t believe it took us this long to get one,” said teacher Mrs. Gordon. “I think a single point of entry for guests and students is important.”

“It secures the people who come in and limits the people to where they go,” said student Ava Carey, who agrees with the teachers’ perspective.

Some students, however, doubt the security benefits of the vestibule.

“If the problem is from a student, then it is only protecting the faculty and staff in that area,” sophomore, Ashley Alba said.

“It backs up all the other stairways,” said Mackenzie Bakale.“It takes forever to get anywhere.”

From a freshman perspective, the new addition may not hold the same interest or fervor as it does among upperclassmen.

“I think it makes things kind of confusing,” said freshman Cutdy Myers. “I don’t think it’s really necessary, but it’s kind of helpful,” she said.

But along with the more ambivalent responses to the new vestibule, some are upset by the new addition to the school on the grounds of spending, as well as movement through the building.

“Instead of spending money on that, they should’ve used it on rooms without windows in case something happens. Anyone can break through glass and a wall,” said Mr. Maldonado.

“That vestibule is probably the worst decision this school has ever made. It doesn’t provide safety at all,” said sophomore, Tamanna Mondol when asked about the vestibule. “Now it’s always crowded and the hallways are crowded and I’m always late. This school just loves wasting money and our time.”