Jumanji: The Next Level, a review

Simon Frey, Staff Writer

Jumanji’s recent movie was released on December 13, 2019. This exciting new sequel is called “The Next Level” and with good reason too.

The movie revisits some familiar characters, Anthony, who his friends call Fridge, Bethany, Martha, and of course, Spencer. The characters are called back into the game after Spencer attempts to fix the game, intending on becoming the character, Dr. Bravestone. However, once he is sucked into the game, the friends realize something isn’t quite right. They know Spencer’s plan and now have to get him back. Unfortunately, the friends are not in the same video game characters as they had hoped to be and some new people have joined their adventures. Spencer’s grandfather and his long-time partner, Milo Walker, have also been sucked into the game.

Watching the movie, you can tell there had been a set up for the big reason why Milo has returned to see his old partner, who had left him long ago. Once the adventure began, I felt as if I could easily guess why, and I was right. Milo was dying. Both of them were old and it seemed fitting that Milo or Spencer’s grandfather, “Eddie” would go. I felt as if the trailer for the movie set up the big twist perfectly for each character, saying how one of the players would never return. I felt once as Milo explained his time was nearly up, you knew who was the one to not leave the game.

I felt like the whole movie was made well, but some parts felt extremely rushed and unplanned.

One of these moments was when Jefferey “Seaplane” McDonough pressed onto Cyclone’s, Milo’s character, left shoulder area as the horse. Once you saw a glimpse of strengths and weaknesses, I figured the big twist pretty quickly. They put Cyclone’s character as a horse that can summon wings.

I felt this build-up could be easily guessed and was poorly planned.

Another time was the talk of Switchblade, a character who is supposed to be Dr. Bravestone’s weakness. Unfortunately, there is little interaction between the two and once the characters leave the village in the desert, Switchblade is never brought up again. He was only in the movie for a minute. Poor planning and easy escape routes are one of many ways to kill a movie.

I did feel like it was a good squeal and a good set up to another movie if they chose to go that way. However, I wish they would make changes and create a little more twists and turns, perhaps not giving clues on that will create a better plot and a better ending than ever before.