Fine Line Review

Cianna Isamoyer, Staff Writer

     On December 13th 2019, Harry Styles released his second album, Fine Line. The album comes just two years after he released his debut album, Harry Styles.

The album shows a new side of Harry since his break from One Direction four years ago. The songs are more mystic pop rock oriented instead of the “boy band” music many people were used to hearing him sing. This new sound is a little out of his comfort zone.

Harry recently spoke out about the pressure of creating a radio single and creating new music after leaving One Direction. On this album we see Styles come closer to reaching his full potential than he did on his debut album, he strays away from the influences and pressure of One Direction.

Since his debut album, we have seen Styles grow more into his own artist on his journey of finding his true sound from a 70’s power pop sound to a Coldplay, soft rock vibe.

The lyrics on this album are more individualistic and show him maturing as an artist.

Fine Line shows a pop star sinking into an abyss of darkness. In a deeper sense it shows the not so glamorous side of fame.

One of Harry’s biggest inspirations for this album was David Bowie. Not only is he inspired by his music but also by his clothing and his flamboyant personality.

On the first track of this album, “Golden,” the background vocals give the song a new breath of life.

Another highlight of this album comes from the song “Lights Up,” which was originally released as a single in October of 2019. What really sticks out is the captivating and strange pre-chorus.

Although the track “Adore You” has a solid guitar solo, it seems to be similar to almost every other dance-pop tune written. It shows that although Harry has grown as an artist he still has trouble straying away from his roots as a pop artist. “Adore You” sounds like every other romantic pop song written.

“Falling” appears to be the odd man out on the first half of the album. Unlike the other upbeat songs this is more of a weepy breakup ballad. The change in tempo and sound is a refreshing part of the album.

Harry closes the album with “Fine Line” the same title as the album. In this song, Harry focuses on the ups and downs of love and life in general. This song best represents the creative process he went through while creating this album.