NBA All Star Weekend 2020

Nate Dudeck, Staff Writer

Every year, the National Basketball Association hosts a number of events for many players and fans.  This year, on February 14 to February 16, the NBA had All Star Weekend in Chicago this year.

Starting off on February 14, the first event was the Celebrity All Star game which features a number of celebrities to go out and play a basketball game in the arena. This year, the MVP of the Celebrity All Star game was Common, a 47 year old American rapper. The next event, hosted on the 14th, was the Rising Stars Game. The Rising Stars Game consists of some of the future stars of the NBA. There were two teams, the USA team and the World team. Team USA came out on top 151-131.

On the following night, February 15th, was probably the most anticipated day of the weekend. That night consisted of the Skills Challenge, 3 point contest, and dunk contest. The first event was the Skills Challenge, which was won by Miami Heat’s Bam Adebayo. The next event, was the three point contest. This year’s 3 point contest was won by Sacramento Kings shooting guard, Buddy Hield. But the event that most fans were talking about was the dunk contest.

This year’s dunk contest came down to a dunk off between Aaron Gordon and Derrick Jones Jr. The dunk contest consists of five judges that judge a player’s dunks on a scale from 1-10. It just so happened that Jones and Gordon had to go back and forth with dunks because both players got a 50 on each dunk in the final round. Derrick Jones Jr.’s final dunk of the night scored in at a 48. Aaron Gordon brought out a 7’5” basketball player named Tacko Fall. Gordon jumped over him and dunked the ball and only scored a 47. That let Jones win the contest.

Many fans think that Aaron Gordon got robbed of winning the dunk contest. Even Gordon himself thinks he should’ve won. “So out of four dunks, it should be the best out of four dunks. I did four straight 50s – five straight 50s. That’s over. It’s a wrap. Let’s go home. Four 50s in a row in an NBA dunk contest, it’s over. But I don’t know. Who’s running the show?” said Gordon.

The next event took place on the 16th. It was the actual All Star Game. Two of the NBA’s biggest stars, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lebron James picked their teams to go compete. Team Lebron came out on top as Anthony Davis clutched up and made a game winning free throw. Kawhi Leonard won the MVP award which was named the “Kobe Bryant MVP Award” to honor the late Kobe Bryant.