Missing Senior Year

Abby Gaffney, Staff Writer

For many, senior year is the last time. The last time to walk the hall with your friends, to dress up for football games, to stand in the packed student section, and the last time to play the sport you have your whole life.

Most schools have started the 2020-2021 school year off online to keep both students and faculty safe. This is just another thing Covid-19 has taken the excitement out of and there is nothing anyone can do to fix it.

Class of 2021 will not have the excitement of being a part of the rival game pep rallies, standing with your team, and singing the alma mater one last time together as a class. And for some sports,  the player’s friends and family will not be there to watch them play the last year wearing their high school jerseys. “It is just so weird this year knowing my family can’t come watch me cheer on Friday nights. They have been coming to my games since I was little and I never would have thought there would be a time they couldn’t ,” said senior, Ashley Wheeler.

Since kindergarten, senior year was always talked about as one that will be for the books. Twelfth grade was our last hurrah before friends groups fade as you attend separate colleges and start to create your own future.

We didn’t get the first day butterflies of pulling in to the parking lot, rushing to homeroom, and trying to figure out who is in your lunch. Instead, we woke up, threw on a pair of sweats, signed in to our google classroom, and ate lunch right in our own kitchens. “The first day of school this year felt unreal. It was so different not walking in and meeting up with all of my friends. I didn’t get to see my favorite teachers and I never realized how physically being at school can make it so different,” said senior, Sara Hoskins.

Although there are so many downfalls, we are in this as a class. Class of 2021 will work through this together and make the best out of whatever battle is thrown in our direction. It may not be what we have hoped for, but we are still hopeful.

We are hopeful we can get back to school however it may be, that we can finish how we started and make this one to never forget.