A Sneak Peek Into Boys Soccer


Alieu Jallow, Staff Writer

The WVW boys soccer team has always been solid. The team only lost two starting seniors Tyler Gillespie and Scott Nilson. With having only 9 players returning the future of the 2020-21 soccer team is looking bright.
Among the players returning Landon Serbin and Ryan Stevens made first team for the division conference in the 2019-20 season.

While having two returning players that were placed into the first team, the talent does not end there. Jack Gorham, Alieu Jallow and Chris Tecotl all found their way onto the second team all-stars.
With a deep and talented bench, the boys soccer team is confident about the new season, starting their season with a 1-0 record recently defeating Berwick 2-0, a great way to start the season.

Returning captain Landon Serbin said, “We have an amazing and talented team I feel we have a great shot of taking everything this year.”

In the 2019-20 season, WVW finished as runner up to Crestwood losing 1-0. With tensions high, the Spartans have one objective this season. Focusing on everything happening in the world to get through the season and come out district champions.

Returning captain Ryan Stevens said, ” we may have fallen short in winning the season and districts, but this year we are not letting history repeat its self.”

With there only being one new captain being introduced to the group, Jack Gorham, a little pressure to the new captain may be there. Jack Gorham said,  “being a field player and now also captain is a big step, but with the guys on the teams I feel like its a good step.”

Coronavirus, being a big problem for the team, their season can be canceled anytime if COVID-19 continues to stay and people continue to keep getting sick. The team is staying on their toes hoping nothing happens.

Senior Defender Tyler Dalley said, “Even though there is a chance that our next game could be our last game or even two games from now, we don’t let it stop us. We will continue to go to every game and play our hearts for the team.”

All information and schedules for the games can be located on the WVW website.