Sadiq Ransome-Burke, Staff Writer

Masks in public have become the new normal. “I never leave the house without a mask,” said Kenneth Brown. Although some people believe the masks are uncomfortable, others think that they help us out dramatically. “Masks get annoying at times and they irritate my ears often,” said Saquan Portee. “I prefer wearing masks, research has shown that they keep us safe and protect us from the virus. We need all the help we can get,” said Jumir Johnson.

Some believe that masks do not protect us at all from the virus. “The masks are pointless, they don’t do anything for us but annoy us. A little piece of fabric will not protect us from covid,” said Saquan Portee.

Health experts do believe that they are effective and should be mandated across the country. “I think there’s enough evidence to say that the best benefit is for people who have COVID-19 to protect them for giving COVID-19 to other people, but you’re still going to get a benefit from wearing a mask if you don’t have COVID-19,” said Chin-Hong. “The CDC recommends that everyone wear a face mask in public, as there is compelling evidence that doing so can slow the spread of the coronavirus.

However, there is no federal mandate requiring people to do it, so that has left individual states and cities to decide if their residents should be required to wear face coverings,” said C Net.

Some people get angry at others for not wearing a mask in public. “Everyone should just wear a mask and comply with the recommendations so this disease can go away as quickly as possible,” said Joey Lombardo.

“Lots of people may feel like the mask is an imposition on their life and feels uncomfortable, so if there is a public message that validates that, you are going to tune into that. If you don’t want to wear masks, you can find a stream of information online that reinforces your decision,” said New York psychiatrist Margaret Seide.

All in all, many people just want to get past this situation and go back to living our normal lives. “Mask or not, I hope we can move on from this virus as soon as possible,” said Jerimiah Williams.