QB1: Donte Rhodes Interview


Sadiq Ransome-Burke, Staff Writer

Who is your favorite football coach and why?

“My favorite coach is my first ever coach in 7th grade named Coach Loverdi just because of the fact that it was my first time ever being on a football team, because my mom didn’t let me play peewee. Before him, I had no idea what to expect of a football coach,” said Rhodes.

How long have you been into Sports?

“I’ve always been interested in playing football for as long as I can remember. I’ve always played sports like basketball, football and track and field, and I still do to this day but football is what I love playing the most,” said Rhodes.

What is your favorite memory involving football?

“My favorite memory playing football is probably when I first got interviewed and saw myself on the front of the newspaper when I first came into school. It was just crazy to me because I have never gotten interviewed before so I was kinda nervous. It was really cool seeing that all my teachers have the paper and all them said something to me about seeing me on the front page,” said Rhodes.

Does your future include football?

“I plan on making it to the NFL. I know most kids have “unrealistic” dreams like that but not everyone who says they want to go to the league actually put in the work to get there. I know what it takes to get there. I’ve been working to get to that level my whole life even before I played my first time on an actual team in 7th grade I’ve been training to get to that level. I am undecided on a college I will go to as of right now but if I don’t start seeing D1 offers soon I plan on going to Lackawanna College to build my football resume to get more college looks at the D1 level,” said Rhodes.