Corona Season

Alieu Jallow, staff writer

COVID-19 has been a problem that people just want to go away. A new hope is now soon to be available. Companies such as Moderna are currently in the process of making that crucial vaccine.

With tensions high with the news from Tom Wolf, restaurants, gyms, limits on retailers, ect. to many this feels like a flashback to March when the first lockdown occurred while others are optimistic about the Covid-19 vaccine. Senior Claris Gomez said, “even though we been through a lot these few couple of months, I have faith that a vaccine of some short will become available.”

Moderna is currently in the third phase of its operation, which includes clinical testing.¬† ¬†Moderna has currently eighty-nine different locations for clinical trial sites. Pennsylvania’s only testing site available at the moment is at Penn Prevention CRS in Philadelphia.

Senior Sadiq Ransome-Burke said, “it has been up and down this COVID season. I do hope that this vaccine does work and we can get back to our old way of life.”

Currently, Moderna is taking eligible people to take the vaccine. To be eligible to you must be 18. The process is a two round injection visit.  Participants will have two injection visits, which will happen on the first day and one month later.

While there is no risk for taking the vaccine, some wonder if it really is something to take, while the injection itself is easy, after you take the vaccine, you are going to be put under frequent montering. Participants will be contacted by a study team three time after and then monthly after that to monitor for COVID-19 symptoms.

Participants will also be asked to complete weekly electronic diary entries reporting any COVID-19 symptoms for the duration of the study. While it is a lot of work after getting the intial injections, it would be in the best interest for everyone to think very consciously about this important health decision.

All information and testing sights can be found on Moderna’s website.