Horror Hall’s 2021 Season

Paige Suda, Staff Writer

People were looking for something fun to give them a good scare.

“I have always been obsessed with haunted attractions. I spent a few years working in several haunts and I even built my own “home haunt”. It was time to move up,” said Mr. Davis, Director of Actors at Horror Hall on why he took over the attraction.

“I’m working with a team of people to upgrade Horror Hall entirely! It will take us a few years, but we really want to make it a “destination”,” said Mr.Davis. Since the location has a new owner and renovations, it also grabbed the attention of people who wanted to become actors for the attraction. 

“I watched a lot of horror movies and I went last year and it was crazy,” said Aidan Slatky, a new actor at Horror Hall on why he decided to join the cast. When it comes to acting, it is always nice to have someone experienced and passionate.  

“I have experience in scare acting and Halloween is one of my favorite seasons. Mr.Davis was aware of this and asked me to scare for the Haunt,” said Jessica Czuba, another new actor at Horror Hall.

By taking on a role, the actor or actress has to portray their characters in their own unique way. “I hope to give the actors a great deal of ownership over the characters they develop. I hope to make Horror Hall as immersive as possible,” said Mr.Davis.

 “It’s a family-like workplace,” said Slatky. “Absolutely. It is a fun and accepting environment. Any person can feel like they have a place in our “haunted family”, said Czuba.

“Anybody weird who wants to scare. People kind and accepting but still full of excitement and frightful energy,” said Czuba on what Mr.Davis was looking for in a volunteer. 

Horror Hall, located at 11 E. Poplar street in Nanticoke PA, was open every weekend in October.

“I hope this show with my castmates and I put on this season is one to remember,” said Czuba.