Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Hettes

Nyla Hickson and Sajiyah Bryant

This year, the journalism team has decided to revive our school’s broadcast, Spartan Tv. Every month we will be incorporating a new segment for teacher appreciation called the “Teacher Spotlight”.

The first teacher interviewed was Mr. Hettes from the science department.

“I’m honored”, he stated.

Hettes’ classrooms are made up of mostly eleventh graders, and some tenth and twelfth graders.

Hettes expressed how much he has been enjoying this first month back in person.

He said, “it was sad,” teaching in front of an empty classroom during last year’s synchronous learning.

Hettes explained how he had “goosebumps” upon returning this year to a classroom full of students.

“It was amazing to have students back.”

Mr. Hettes is a very enthusiastic teacher and is very deserving of the first teacher spotlight.

He loves what he does and even expressed how he would not even describe his role as a job, because of how much he enjoys what he does.

“I love every second”.

The chemistry teacher was sure to note the fact that he had not been saying these things just because he was on camera.

“I apologize to everyone if I get a little too loud . . . I can’t control the excitement of chemistry.”

Hettes explained that there was no “defining moment” that urged him to start teaching.

He attended Wyoming Valley West, and had some of the same teachers that we have today. Those same teachers inspired him to become a teacher.

“It was almost like I got to teach alongside those legends I looked up to while growing up.”

One teacher Mr. Hettes chose to acknowledge was fellow science teacher Mr. Tasco.

“Mr. Tasco challenged me, and that’s kind of where I fell in love with science.”

One of Mr. Hettes’ favorite things about teaching is that he can come in and do something different everyday.

He found it hard to pin point his least favorite aspect of teaching. He could not think of a response.

Some teachers and students may wonder how Mr. Hettes is so energized and motivated every day.

This energy is not from coffee, as he explained that he had never even had a full cup.

Hettes gets his energy from blasting music every morning on his drive to school.

“It can be any genre of music, anywhere from country music, to rap music, to Beyonce “Singles Ladies”, he included.

One song in particular that Hettes loves is “Lockdown,” which he is featured on!

In fact, the chemistry teacher is featured in two songs, one being “Science Squad,” along with the more recent “Lockdown,”

Hettes raps alongside his former students Rio and Ish.

“They were the genius behind all of that,” he added.

This is a significant example of one of the different things Hettes does as a teacher to keep the school year fun and enjoyable.

Another fun activity Mr. Hettes was suspected of is being the Spartan mascot.

When asked about his role he replied, “A true mascot never reveals his or her identity. Maybe I am, maybe I am not.”

Though our questions may have been answered at this year’s recent pep rally.

The mascot and Mr. Hettes were simultaneously present, so it clearly could not have been him.

Nonetheless, Mr. Hettes could still have been our mascot in previous years. He, after all, is very fitting of the role.

Finally, to end the interview, Mr. Hettes added a message to all of his students.

“We are not having a great year, we are making this year great, and let’s keep doing that for the rest of the year.”

Overall, this was a great interview and way to start off our”Teacher Spotlight” segment.

Thank you Mr. Hettes for making this interview enjoyable.

In the words of Mr. Hettes, “make the day great spartans!”

As stated before this segment will occur monthly, so if there are any teachers you would like to see featured, as well as any questions you would like to be asked, let myself, Nyla Hickson, my co-writer Sajiyah Bryant, or Mrs. Berrettini in the studio know!