Fall Drama: The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night Time


Luke Hoffman, Staff Writer

It’s that time again! The Fall Drama, The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nightime is being performed at our high school. The show dates are November 12th, 13th, and 14th.

The drama follows the life of Christopher Boone and the world around him, with his impact on others. Christopher is a very smart boy who has is autism.

Since our school is taking on such a serious topic for our fall drama The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nightime, I decided to get into depth on the topic and the process of putting the drama together in our school.

Obviously putting a drama together surrounding a topic as big as autism is a big thing to take care of.

Mr. Hettrich, the director of the drama, has been supportive and accepting of the roles the whole way through the process.

 “The show runs November 12-13 at 7:30 PM and November 14 at 1 PM. Tickets can be bought at the door and seating is limited. Also, masks are required and general admission is  $8.00” Clearly, Mr.Hettrich is taking things seriously and is doing everything safely and with caution.

The biggest question I had was about dealing with autism in a high school production. Mr. Hettrich thinks that we are already interacting with individuals with autism every day in our lives and when watching it take to play in a production the audience hopefully will stop and think.

    “I think it helps students put in to perspective a topic that they don’t realize they’re already experiencing every day and makes them think. I also think it helps them grow as people and become empathetic towards people who do have autism.”

This topic is something that we should all be educated on. As Hettrich said, we experience this every day, so it’s great to learn more and more about it. Hopefully, by reading this article you have a little more understanding about the fall drama, and why you should come to see it. Seeing it will most likely be a great educational and entertaining experience.