So Much Love for Love On Tour


Keira Adamski, Staff Writer

After nearly two years of his second album debut, Harry Styles finally got to go on his tour entitled Love On Tour. Social distancing protocols prevented it from happening initially, and tour dates had to be postponed twice.

He originates from the United Kingdom and was in a band called One Direction, formed in 2010. The group split in 2015, and Styles released his first album in 2017 called Harry Styles. Two years later, he released his second album called Fine Line, which includes his most-streamed song, “Watermelon Sugar.”

“I became a fan of One Direction in 2011”, says Junior Giuliana Dutter. “Harry was always one of my favorites, so when he went solo, I continued to follow his career.” She also enjoys listening to both of his albums but prefers his second one more. Giuliana believes that the album helped people during its initial release because that is when the pandemic started. “My favorite songs would be “Sunflower Vol. 6” and “Fine Line”, which are from his album Fine Line“, Giuliana shared.

Due to the changes from the original tour dates, tickets are being sold from people who purchased them originally, but can not make it to the new dates. Platforms such as StubHub and SeatGeek were used to acquire tickets, and fans were even offering up tickets on Twitter by simply asking people to direct message them for details.

Although those might not be the smartest method of getting tickets, considering how easy it is to get scammed, some people were successful and could attend Harry’s concerts. “I have been to eight Love On Tour shows, and I plan to go to two more,” Giuliana said. She recalls how she had tickets to most of the shows before their cancellations, but would go to the box office to get them sometimes.

There are several reasons to consider going to a concert put on by Harry Styles. His talent, charm, and humor are just a few factors that make him an individual and give him the ability to please crowds of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. He proudly supports people of all sexualities, which is proven by him waving various Pride flags on stage.

The connections that Styles established with his fan base are something that all musicians should strive to accomplish. “His shows are very entertaining and fun,” stated Giuliana. “He interacts with the crowd, and that’s one of my favorite things about the shows.”