American Horror Story: Double Feature Review


Emma Ballentine, Staff Writer

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s hit FX show, American Horror Story has recently wrapped up the tenth season, Double Feature. Although American Horror Story is my favorite show, Double Feature was disappointing.

This season had two parts: Red Tide and Death Valley. I, along with other viewers, agree that Red Tide should have been its own season. Red Tide had a fantastic cast, bringing back viewer-favorite actors, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Finn Wittrock, Frances Conroy, Leslie Grossman, and the queen of the Ryan Murphy universe, Sarah Paulson. Part One of Double Feature had an amazing storyline and cast, but it was very obviously rushed. I personally believe Red Tide would be a great season in itself and the ending would have 100% been better. Doris (Lily Rabe’s character) had a devastating ending. Her husband, Harry (Finn Wittrock), had a great story, but I do like his ending, though it was sad. Karen and Mickey (Sarah Paulson and Macaulay Culkin) broke my heart, their storyline was absolutely tragic. Evan Peters and Frances Conroy’s characters, Austin Somers and Belle Noir, were amazing. I loved Austin and he was definitely my favorite. Belle was one of the antagonists, though she was likeable. Leslie Grossman’s character, Ursula, was hilarious, although she was hateable from being the main antagonist. Lark, Billie Lourd’s character, should’ve had way more screentime than she did. Lark had so much potential to be a great character, but she was only in three episodes. In the last episode of Red Tide, Harry Gardener, Austin Somers, and Belle Noir were murdered by Harry and Doris’s nine-year-old daughter, Alma. The ending of those three characters was confusing and rushed.

Death Valley had potential to be great. However, it too was rushed. Sarah Paulson was Mamie Eisenhower. She definitely was my favorite character. I personally found this half of the season boring, though other fans seem to feel the same way. Lily Rabe played Amelia Earhart in one episode and the character was never seen again, leaving fans confused as to what Amelia’s significance to the story was. Death Valley also could have been its own season, which would most likely make it better and less rushed. Another fan-favorite actor, Cody Fern, played an alien named Valiant Thor, who quickly became a favorite character among viewers. Many of the new actors who came in during Death Valley weren’t appreciated by fans, as many didn’t think they were too great at acting. I however liked them and think they have potential.

As much as I love this show, American Horror Story: Double Feature was majorly disappointing to me and other fans. It had potential to be a great season, but it was entirely too rushed. I would personally give it a 5/10.