2021 MLB MVP Races


Ian Bayo, Staff Writer

With 2021 MLB season coming to an end this week, the MVP races are what to talk about. The race in the American League is not as close as the one in the National League. However, many players had historic and career seasons. The 3 main contenders in the AL (American League) are Shohei Ohtani, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Marcus Semien. With in the NL (National League) the 3 main contenders are Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr. and Bryce Harper.

In the AL, it really isn’t close, the winner is projected to be SP/DH Shohei Ohtani of the LA Angels. Usually, the MVP isn’t such a consensus pick ever. However, with the season Ohtani had, it’s going to be really difficult for the voters not to vote for him. Ohtani, did it all, pitching, hitting, running the bases at an elite level, you can go on and on. Ohtani at the plate had a .257 batting average, 46 homeruns and 100 runs batted in. With these stats alone he’s in the MVP race, but he also had a Cy Young (the award given to the best pitcher in their respected league) on the mound. He had a 9-2 record, 3.18 earned run average and 150 strikeouts. He has made the MLB world compare him to the likes of Babe Ruth, with the way he’s able to pitch and hit, something not a lot of players are able to do.

Now for the NL, it is a race that nobody knows who’s going to win. The 3 guys, Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., and Bryce Harper all put up amazing seasons, but only 1 can win the prestigious award. Starting with outfielder Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals, he is a bright young star in the league and had a great season. He had a .313 batting average 29 homeruns and 95 runs batted in, His approach at the plate for someone his age has fans in awe.

Next is Shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres, the fans call him the “face of the MLB”. He brings a lot of energy and fun to the game He had an outstanding season even while battling injuries. He posted a .282 batting average with 42 homeruns and 97 runs batted in. The way he has fun and has such a big impact for the game in big ways, is what makes him so fun to watch.

Lastly, we have outfielder Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies. He is the “veteran” of the bunch but is only 29 years old. He had a comeback type of season, coming off of a lackluster 2020 shortened season. He had a .309 batting average, 35 homeruns and 84 runs batted in. He is one of the most respected players in the league and showed why people should notice his outstanding talent.

Those are the players that are the front runners for the 2021 MLB MVP awards.