2021 PMEA District 9 Chorus

Luke Hoffman, Staff Writer

After a long break,the PMEA District 9 Chorus Festival is now taking place!

Many schools could agree that It’s a big relief to participate in an in person festival,as opposed to a virtual festival.

In our school there are many people participating in District Chorus this year.

There are twenty nine students in our school preparing for the festival!

The first step in the process was submitting pre audition videos for the contest,which were due on the twenty first of November.Results will be released soon after.

These videos are sent by hundreds of students,in many different counties of our area.The judging begins November twenty eighth,and will end shortly after.

When these results are released,there will be a certain number of choir members selected to participate in the official district chorus festival.

The event will take place in a few months,and will be a two day festival,located at the Pittston area high school.I spoke to Amelia Hoffman,a previous district chorus singer.

I wanted to get a view from another singers point of view.So I asked Amelia a few questions about her experience so far.

I asked how her experience singing last year was, and she replied with “ It was nerve racking because it was my very first time singing at an event,that was being judged based off of your ability to sing”.

In the time between the different festivals there is a lot of time to prepare for the contest.Our school has held practices to help these singers along the way.

Amelia has had much time to prepare for this years event,through many practices,etc… I asked Amelia how she felt coming back after a long break,“I feel more confident than last year knowing I am more prepared and my voice has grown since the previous year”.

Singing/ music is a very great way to express emotion,and feeling through song.Music is a universal language that can be shared and played throughout the world.

Being serious and dedicated with music,can get you very far if you work at it constantly.

Amelia enjoys singing frequently,and is a member of Concert Choir,and The Wyoming Valley Barbershop Harmony Society.

“I enjoy being able to perform with many other singers. I also enjoy using my talent to make other people smile,because it can make an impact on somebody’s day”.

Overall our school/area is heavily involved in music.Hopefully now you have an understanding of how music can affect so many people at a time.