Teacher Spotlight- Mrs. Munzing


Nyla Hickson and Sajiyah Bryant

This week for our Spartan Teacher Spotlight we decided to choose a teacher from the English department. To do this we typed the names in a generator and “spun” the wheel and Mrs. Munzing was chosen!

Mrs. Munzing teaches SAT Prep and Academic English 11. Her first year teaching was during the 2007-2008 school year.

Teaching was not her initial plan for her future. Teaching was more of an idea to obtain the experience of what she wanted to do.

“I always wanted to be a stand-up comedian and I thought that teaching in front of a group of kids would almost be like being on a stage.”

The English teacher did not pursue a career in stand-up comedy, nonetheless one of her favorite things about teaching is making her students laugh. So, in a sense, she still accomplished her dream!

Another one of her favorite things about teaching is “seeing what kind of impact” she has on her students.

In recalling her most memorable moment of her teaching career she could not simply choose one. There were plenty of moments to remember and there surely will be more in her teaching career.

“My most memorable moment of my teaching career would probably be some of the times I got pied in the face, watching my first ever graduating class, chaperoning prom, probably winning the softball play off game, there’s a lot. A lot of good things.”

If you’ve had Mrs. Munzing as a teacher or have even just been in her room for whatever reason you will notice that she is a huge fan of Oprah Winfrey! She has pictures of her hanging, Oprah quotes and even a nice cut out of Oprah on one of the desks!

“Oh my God, my love for Oprah began probably when I was in middle school. I used to watch her all the time . . . after school she was always on at 4 o’clock . . . I just love how good of a person she is.”

To say the least, Oprah is a very inspiring figure for the teacher.

“She literally had no running water growing up and now she is one of the richest women in the world . . . and just how much good she does with the money that she has.”

She even got the opportunity to meet Oprah, and even more take a trip with her!

“The experience meeting Oprah was absolutely one of the most amazing things to ever happen to me. I got to hang out with her like three different times in close contact, and she is just as real as they come.”

Another aspect of teaching that she appreciates is being able to bring positive and optimistic insights to her students.

“It let’s me tell my kids that anything can happen. I idolized her. I always used to post on Facebook that one day I would meet Oprah Winfrey and I actually did. So anything is possible.”

And finally, Mrs. Munzing of course had a wonderful message for all of her students!

“Go out into this world and do absolutely so much good, and just always find something to laugh about.”