COVID. Where Are We Now?

Kenai Diaz, Staff Writer

We all know of the infamous virus that changed all of our lives back in 2020. COVID 19 is a virus that mainly affects the lungs leaving the victim on there death bed or really sick. The first COVID case dates back to November of 2019 not knowing what it was at the time people where still living life normal until in January where the numbers of the cases skyrocketed increase by the thousands within only a few weeks, with numbers rising so fast the world had no other options but to enforce mask restrictions when out in public and having us locking down that would eventually last us a little over a year.

Even now as I am currently typing this we are not 100% COVID free and we won’t be for the rest of our lives. COVID is a virus we will have to learn how to live with for the rest of our lives, just like the flu and other viruses. The vaccines are still being manufactured and are becoming open for the public to receive.

But with proper care, as we have been doing for past few months since the vaccine had came out to the public we can rest assured that we can return to our normal lives very soon. Even now, we are slowly going back into the spring of things, as each month passes we try to go back to doing normal things but we still must be weary because there are other variants of the virus which was inevitable.

Don’t let that discourage you from doing the things you love. If you have the vaccine great and you are less likely to get the virus and if you don’t I hope you can stay safe and avoid any sickness.

To start to wrap up the topic at hand, I would like to talk about current cases and death as of December 2021. We currently have about 1.8 million COVID cases which may sound like a lot but compared to how bad it was just the previous year this is a huge step up. And there are currently 34k deaths within Pennsylvania and these deaths are not described if the people who passed away were either old or had lung issues but none the less it’s still sad and should of never happened. I hope you stay safe and remember to be safe, have fun, and wear a mask if you feel sick.