Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Mucha


Mel McGlynn, Staff Writer

For our Teacher Spotlight, we spun a wheel of names and got Mr. Mucha! A history teacher at the WVWHS.

Mr. Mucha teaches American History II, American History III, and Character Education.

Mr. Mucha was inspired by 3 teachers during his high school years at WVW to start teaching. If he wasn’t a teacher, he’d be working construction and drilling holes.

In high school, his favorite subject was math, but during college he enjoyed history.  He likes the characters from each period of history and the story.

Mr. Mucha likes music and traveling as well as teaching his students, he also coaches WVW football.

His favorite songs are After Midnight by the Jerry Garcia Band and Golgi Apparatus by Phish.

“It’s not just the music, it’s the experience and meeting new friends,”  he said.

During the 2020-2021 school year, Google Meets were ongoing. Mr. Mucha said that it was difficult but Spartans rise to the top!

I asked what his favorite moment in class is. “Whenever the students feel good about the class.”

Sophomore Mel McGlynn enjoyed his class last year. “Even though I only did google meets for classes last year, Mr. Mucha was really cool! He has a great taste in music too. Don’t forget to STAY CLASSY!”

Mr. Mucha’s signature saying is “Stay Classy!”

He also recommended other teachers like Mrs. Wren, Mr. Marcin, and Mr. Rovine.