Senior Happenings


Emilee Stelma, Staff Writer

As the year comes down to the end there are lots of things to look forward to, especially the seniors. The senior class the past few years didn’t ever really get a “normal” senior year with many of the traditional senior activities. Many things that have been done in the past will be starting back up again for the class of 2022. We just had Prom. There will be a senior tea, senior reflection, senior awards, lettering ceremony, and a graduation ceremony. Many of these events haven’t happened since 2019. 

The first big thing everyone looks forward to is the prom. Prom was held on Friday, May 6th, at the Woodlands. The most exciting thing was this year the prom wasn’t seniors only, they allowed our prom to go back to being a junior/senior prom. Considering we didn’t have a homecoming/semi formal dance, this year’s prom was a very big deal and many students went. There was a lot of dancing and lots of pictures taken. Everyone seemed to have a very good time and the prom ran smoothly. 

Coming up next will be our senior tea, and senior reflection. Senior tea is going to be held on Thursday, May 26th. Senior tea is a very beautiful brunch with all the seniors and a female relative who they are very close to. Senior tea is usually held on the concourse of the high school if there is nice weather. Senior reflection is on Thursday, June 2nd. Senior reflection is the first time all the seniors wear their graduation gowns. All the seniors and their families gather in the gym of the high school and watch a slide show of all the seniors from over the years. They receive videos from old teachers to show to all the seniors as well. Senior reflection is just one of the last moments with everyone before graduation.

Last but not least is graduation. Graduation is going to be Wednesday, June 8th at the Wyoming Valley West Stadium if the weather is nice. Graduation is one of the biggest events for a senior. Everything they have ever done the past 12 years was leading up to this moment. So far, it seems as if everyone is excited about graduation. 

As a senior, I think all of these events at the end of the year are the most exciting things about senior year and are also bittersweet. All the students you have spent the past 12 years with all get to enjoy the last few moments of high school all together with friends and family before saying goodbye.