Are the SATs worth taking?

Sharon Lin

One of the most stressful times is here for sophomores, juniors, and seniors as the SATs and PSATs are approaching. The real question is, are the SATs worth taking?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most colleges and universities required students to take the SATs. However, many college application elements have changed over the years and one of the main elements that have changed for students is the choice of taking the SATs. 

One benefit students can get from taking the SATs are the scholarships. A high SAT score can help you obtain scholarships. Scholarships can be a great way to reduce the cost of people’s college tuition.

Everyone knows that college expenses can be exorbitant. With this in mind, people can take the PSAT to prepare for the SAT and people also can win a National Merit Scholarship. The National Merit Scholarship program provides students with scholarships who scores high on the PSATs. Students can get up to $2,500 in scholarships and students can list that information on their college applications as well. 

The SAT takes a lot of practice. The CollegeBoard is known to make the questions in very weird ways. Students need to learn how to deconstruct the questions to find their true meaning.

What makes the SATs even harder is that it is a timed test so you only get a certain amount of time. Many students often get nervous about the time limit and usually start panicking during the end of the test when they are running out of time.

A great way to relieve that stress is to take the PSATs which is a pre-SAT test that can show you your results on how you did if this was the real SATs. The PSATs are really similar to the SATs. They have the same time limit and same types of questions. 

Additionally, the SATs can be a tremendous way to challenge yourself and your knowledge. It can also allow you to have a better possibility of getting into your dream college or university. Especially when you apply to a competitive college, your SAT score can really help determine whether or not you are suitable. 

Indicating your SAT score on your college application can allow your college to know your knowledge level. Of course your SAT scores don’t determine everything. There are other numerous factors that can show your talents and abilities. 

In conclusion, the SATs are worth taking if you plan on going to college or university. It’s a great way to earn scholarships for your college tuition.

Many seniors this year who did not take the SATs say they regret not taking the test because of the benefits offered when you take the tests.

If you’re not satisfied with your SAT score, you can always retake them or choose not to put it in your application because there are many other ways to show your academic excellence beyond the SATs.