Key Club

Isabella Ermert

Wyoming Valley West High School has a new club that has been doing well so far. 

Key Club is a club run by English teachers Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Toupin. They perform different activities and volunteer work each year.

Last year, Key Club participated in a Trunk or Treat that the Swoyersville Kiwanis invited them to. 

The club also held a t-shirt fundraiser to help a former Spartan that has a serious medical issue, and the Key Club came together to raise some funds to help alleviate some of the medical costs. Luckily, the Key Club raised enough money to help with the medical costs. 

The Key Club is a great club for students to get involved doing fun activities outside of school and they have meetings in the High School cafeteria for every club day.

Anyone who is interested in Key Club can sign up with either Mrs. Davis in room 407 or Mrs. Toupin in room 406. Signing up is very easy.

This year it will cost $25 dollars, plus a Key Club shirt. When you sign up you get a Key Club pamphlet on what they do, you also get your own Key Club  ID cards along with a Key Club pin.

Each year they vote on who is the Key Club president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

This year they will be having Key Club photos held by Ms. Temarantz.

As the year continues, the Key Club plans on making it the best year they have ever had. They will have different out of school activities and volunteer work to help different organizations raise money and have fun at the same time. The Key Club has helped so many different organizations all throughout last year with volunteer work and will continue to do so as the years go on.