Senior Spotlight: Mackenzie Bowling


For the Senior Spotlight I decided to interview senior Mackenzie Bowling. What I was looking for was someone different and she immediately stood out. 

Mackenzie’s vibe is amazing. She has this different outlook on things and it really keeps you on your feet. She’s a very interesting person who is definitely worth getting to know which made her the perfect person to interview.

We first decided to make a trip down memory lane and talk about her time at WVW. To her, her overall experience was “okay”. She felt that it was “limited” and “chaotic” being covid took away 2 and a half years of it, barely anything happened her sophomore and junior year. 

Mackenzie got along with all of her teachers so when she leaves one thing she’ll miss is them. Her favorite memory at WVW was when Mr. Hettes fought another teacher on the concourse, “Battle of Blobs” her freshman year for spirit week. For her senior year, she looks forward to getting through it and graduating. 

After high school, Mackenzie is not looking to go to college, but she is looking to either enlist in the military or go to a trade school because it just seems right to her.  For the military, her top pick is the Airforce. Her dream job is to be an aviation mechanic which is working on planes and helicopters. She chose this because when she was talking to a recruiter, he mentioned working on that type of stuff and it just clicked for her. Even though Mackenzie is one of the captains on the soccer team and is amazing at it, she will unfortunately not be continuing playing soccer. 

When Mackenzie is not at school learning or playing soccer, she is working which she loves to do. She also likes to cook and bake. So if you’re ever hungry, you can always ask her to bake you mac n cheese or some Christmas cookies! She also loves to sleep which is very reasonable when you have a busy schedule like hers. Some fun facts about her are that her favorite food is chicken, her favorite song is “Turning Tables” by Adele, and her favorite movie is the Harry Potter series.

As she leaves high school to start her life, Mackenzie’s advice for younger grades was that you shouldn’t expect that you can just glide through the classes and learn who you need to respect. What she has learned and is going to take with her is that you should not have a big ego, some of the stuff you do matters; most of it doesn’t, and do what you want for yourself.