WVW Spartan Store: Keeping Up With School Spirit

Aniyah Racine


Within the hidden hallway of the second floor lies room 203; Mr. Hufford’s class and the WVW Spartan Store. The gift shop is now open during homeroom and all three lunches. Although the store is set up in room 203, it is brought down to the lobby during activities such as the Spartival and Gamers Club tournaments. 

Mr. Hufford is one of three advisors of the Gamers Club, which is affiliated with the gift shop. Mr. Hufford runs and manages the store, while many club members use some of their free time during school hours to help work alongside him.

One student, Sage, just began to work at the store this year. Sage volunteered her time to work during the Spartival and also volunteers during her lunch period. She told us how working the store is an opportunity for her to prepare for the workplace. You get trained on how to use a register, restocking, and customer service.

The Spartan Store sells items such as Spartan memorabilia, school supplies, pop culture merchandise, etc. When asked what he plans on selling in the future, Mr Hufford stated, “We are constantly looking for new ideas for items.  However, I would like to expand our selection of school related items, such as notebooks, binders, index cards, etc.” All items within the store are within a price range many high school students are able to afford. It’s also open for all teachers and faculty throughout the school.

The store has been set up for many years but had to stop due to Covid, and schools being shut down. The 2021-2022 school year was the first year the shop was fully operating since Covid, although the shop was not open until Thanksgiving. In just that year, the store brought in a profit of about $2,100. That is an average of about $233 per month. 

All profit made from the store goes to the Gamers Club. The club uses this money for fundraisers (twice a year), such as Gertrude Hawk chocolate bars, buying new games and new products, WizardCon at the end of the year, etc. 

Mr. Hufford on the future of the store said, “The future plans for the gift shop are to expand to a larger location and incorporate more items that are not just WVW merchandise but a fully operating bookstore.” The shop is constantly upgrading and renovating to improve how the store looks and is set up.

Be sure to stop by room 203 and check out everything for sale!