A System Change…

A System Change...

Jenavieve Pursell, Staff Writer, and Chloe Pisack

This school year, the requirements for gym classes have changed. Previously, students were required to complete two physical fitness tests per year. “I think it was outdated, so we updated the curriculum to help students,” said physical education teacher, Linda Fithian.

Students now do not have to preform like they were required to in the previous units. “We’re giving students more options to get a better participation grade,” says physical education teacher, William McGeer. Without unit testing, students have the opportunity of receiving a better grade, not based on athletic skill.

This transition is beneficial to many students, and many students are overjoyed that they are not required to run the mile. “For the most part, they like the options for participation, they can participate in the activity or walk,” said McGeer.

With the absence of the difficult units, a high grade is more obtainable. “Students are absolutely happy with the system change,” said Fithian.

Thanks to the curriculum change, participation has increased and grades are on the rise.