Trust the Process


Kate Gierszal, Staff Writer

The Philadelphia 76ers have become known by a popular phrase they use “Trust the Process.” According to Bleacher Report,“Everyone puts their trust in the process,” Philidelphia 76ers general manager, Sam Hinkie said. Hinkie has been talking about a “process” since the day he was hired. “On the day he was hired and introduced, he talked about the virtue of patience and also about why he cares so much about another important “p” word.” Process. “We talk a lot about process -not outcome.”
The “process” is losing on purpose for a few seasons in order to gain the best draft picks later.
A tweet from Matt Lombardo said, “Point is, embrace the struggles for the rest of the year, and trust in Hinkie, the process. We all talked about this before the season.” Joel Embiid tweeted, “This is gonna be fun tonight, but on behalf of the whole organization, my teammates and myself, we just want to thank you for all the support,” Embiid says. “And I mean, it’s gonna be a great season so, trust the process!” So far this basketball season, the “trust the process” slogan has been working out in Philadelphia’s favor. Starting off his NBA Career, Joel Embiid had a knee injury. Embiid was only able to play for a certain amount of time each game due to his injury. But this season Embiid is back in and playing. Trust the Process!