Letters to the Editor

Sarah Papp, Staff Writer

Heat system needs work

I don’t like how cold it is in the building and that teachers still keep the windows open in class so it gets even colder. We are not allowed to wear jackets in classes and I think that is absurd because temperatures like that can distract kids learning. They have put money into both the air conditioners and heating systems and neither one of them seem to work when it’s needed and I feel like the school needs to start looking into fixing these things so kids can be less miserable.
-Elizabeth Becker

College Searching

Looking for colleges has been an easy process, although most aspects are intimidating. I had a difficult time selecting the career that I wanted to pursue, but once I began to develop a sense of what I was into, the steps became less of a challenge. Upon selecting a college I knew that I wanted to be away from home, which allowed my options to expand as I knew that the local schools were not for me. I have looked into colleges that are as far as 7 hours away from home. Although realistically I know that’s not what I really want. Each college I look into, I grasp the idea of what I really want. Whether it includes leaving home and being in an urban college, or even going away and being at a secluded college. The overall aspect of choosing a college has been frightening , but as time goes by and I uncover new knowledge about each college. The search for the perfect college commences my journey of a new chapter and my life becomes easier.
-Rayn Bozek


Balancing school and work

Balancing everything in one day is not that easy when you work 5 days a week, but I manage to get my school work done. At work I usually use my 30 minute breaks to do homework and go over things I don’t understand. It’s tough but bearable. People look at me like I’m crazy when I say I work that many days a week but I just see it as being responsible and getting ready for the real world. It’s tough doing school, work, cheerleading and still having time for my friends and family but it’s going to prepare me for the future and helped me grow up. Having a job makes me feel responsible because now I don’t have to depend on my mom for money and I can pay for things myself.
-Isabella Muldowney


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