2022 Spartan Basketball Season

Ella Kurovsky, Staff Writer

The 2021 – 2022 Basketball Season is off to a great start. Both teams began practice in the fall for what they hope to be a great turnout for the season. 

The boys started off their season on November 29 with a scrimmage against Hanover. Their first game was a tough loss against Riverside. Their first win was against Abington Heights at home on December 20.

Some of the team’s stronger players are Jonathan Mann and Brian Gill. Mann is the team’s leading scorer and finished with 13 points in the game against Wilkes-Barre Area.

On January 13, Valley West battled their rivals, Wilkes-Barre Area, at home. The Spartans were in the lead until halfway through the third quarter when the opposing team shaped up and came in with a 31-31 tie. They then took the lead for the rest of the game. 

“We have a great leader in Brian Gill and also a great player in Jonathan Mann,” said sophomore player Isaiah Cobb. The boys defeated Berwick on January 4, with a score of 56-45. This game opened up the Conference Division 1 season for the boys.

The Lady Spartans started their season off on December 11. The girls won four out of their first eight games.

They played Berwick on January 3 and won by just one point. The score was 54-53. 

Claudia Siegfried scored 19 points and Trinity Johnson followed with 17 points for the game.

“The team’s strongest attributes are their starting defense player’s; Claudia Siegfried, Mackenzie Perluke, Trinity Johnson, Haylie Oliphant, and Gabby Marsola. Defense is the team’s strongest position out on the court,” said sophomore player Alissa Laudenslager.

It was another close call against Wilkes-Barre Area for the girls. The game ended with a score of 48-42, WBA.

In the third quarter, Sophomore Gabby Marsola pulled through and brought the team to 39-33 for the final quarter. Claudia Siegfried scored the only 3-pointer in the second half. 

The Lady Spartans were down one of their guards, Brandy Varner. The opposing team pressured Johnson as she is their leading scorer.

The girls won during their second match-up against the undefeated Wilkes-Barre Area last night with a score of 51-37 and improved their record.