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The Student News Site of Wyoming Valley West High School

The Student News Site of Wyoming Valley West High School

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The Student News Site of Wyoming Valley West High School

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Senior Spotlight: RJ Bell


Senior RJ Bell is Treasurer of the Class of 2025 and President of the Wyoming Valley West Marching Spartans. For him, music and band has always been a part of his life.

“I started [playing saxophone] early in fourth grade,” said Bell. 

He can play several varieties of saxophone. Bell started off by playing the standard alto saxophone, but now plays the tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone.

“They’re all good for different things,” said Bell.

Despite his instrumental range, Bell still has his primary instrument, the alto sax, in his heart.

“I like playing alto,” said Bell. “[It] gets all the melody, [but] the bari is very good on the baseline”

He joined the marching band his freshman year and has been playing in it ever since.

“I went to the eighth grade night, and I was like ‘yo this is pretty cool’” said Bell.

But what makes marching band special for Bell is the people he shares the experience with.

“[It’s] really cool because all of my friends are in this,” said Bell. “I’ve made a lot of friends throughout.”

Creating a massive spectacle on the football field, also known as the band’s field show, makes the band all the more special.

“Being able to put the show on the field, I think, is the best part,” said Bell. “It changes every week, every minute. And it’s just a great thing.”

Aside from band and music, Bell is also a member of the school’s swim team..

“I’ve been doing swim for two years,” said Bell. “Wish I found out about it sooner.”

After graduation, he plans to go to college to study music education. Although he doesn’t know where quite yet.

“I’ve no clue where I’m going yet,” said Bell. “But I have filled out applications for Berklee College of Music, Marywood, Penn State, and West Chester.”

Bell recommends those aspiring to go to college not to procrastinate when submitting their applications.

“When you get there, start early, start as early as you can, because that’s when it gets really intense.” said Bell. “Don’t want till October 31st . . . and be like ‘Oh crap, I need to submit eight essays for eight college applications. Don’t do that cause you need to get started as early as you can. If you want to build them out good, so they know who you are and what you do.”

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