Homecoming Week 2022

On Tues, Oct. 11 spirit week began at Wyoming Valley West High School. The themes were interesting and different compared to previous years. The themes from Tuesday through Friday, in order, were Country vs. Country Club, Rainbow Day, BBQ Dad vs. Soccer Mom, and Spirit Day. The winners of each day received a spirit stick at the pep rally that was held on Friday. 

The homecoming pep rally was held on Friday, Oct. 14 in the gymnasium. This was the first year since 2019 that all grades were combined for a pep rally due to Covid. The MCs were Chanelle Whitehead and Gary Turner. There were games featuring the homecoming court along with music and prizes you can win. Plenty of hard work and dedication was put into making the pep rally one of the best since the pandemic. 

“I wasn’t sure how the pep rally was going to be considering it has been a while since we have had one but in my opinion, I think our school really did a good job,” said junior Gabby Bufalino. 

Also held on Fri, Oct 14 was the homecoming parade and football game. The parade featured school clubs, local mini football teams/cheerleaders, and the homecoming court. 

The candidates for homecoming court were Luke Bowen, Luke Buss, Jonathan Cardona, Logan Eddy, J’Von Gamble, Wyatt Stair, Courtney Dierolf, Amelia Hoffman, Jade Mckenna, Claudia Siegfried, Paige Suda, and Aniyah Thomas. Mr and Miss Sparta was awarded to Jonathan Cardona and Amelia Hoffman. The runners-up were Luke Buss and Claudia Siegfried. 

The football team played Hazelton at the WVW stadium. The score resulted as 43-7 in Hazelton’s favor. 

“I was playing in the game on Friday and it was easily one of the most physical games I have played in a while. We started off strong but things just went downhill as time went on. We still kept our heads straight and didn’t give up,” said junior Isaiah Cobb. 

On Sat, Oct 15 the homecoming semi took place at the WVW high school from 5-9 p.m. All grades 9-12 were welcomed. The theme was dream. The cafeteria and lobby were nicely decorated with decorations according to the theme. Inside the gymnasium was the dj and the dance floor. 

“I was at homecoming and I had so much fun, everything looked so nice and there were no problems at all, I look forward to prom and other events like this,” said junior Genny Matello.