The Spartan Bonfire


Randy Czuba

The Spartan Bonfire is an annual event to celebrate the end of the football season and school spirit in general. Everyone in the district is invited to these yearly events to end the season with a bang and congratulate our sports, music, and cheerleading teams for all their hard work. 

The event begins with a parade down Main Street onto the field behind the old church and features the marching band and cheerleaders performing as the fire is being lit. Speeches were also made by Mr. John Baranski, the lead football coach for the district.

The parade features the school’s marching band, cheerleaders, fire trucks, and others who wanted to join in on the parade to the bonfire.

The Bonfire was a good chance for students to meet and hang out outside of a school environment. It gave the students a chance to congratulate members of the football team and get them ready for their final few games, this year, their final game against Wilkes-Barre. 

Wilkes-Barre is often referred to as one of our team’s main rivals. The game between the two teams has been titled ¨The Battle of the Bridge¨ because of the bridge separating the two areas. The winning team each year claims a trophy showing they control the bridge. Wilkes-Barre has held this trophy the past two years.

I interviewed Noah Siegfried, a current freshman at the highschool about the event. 

When asked about his thoughts on the bonfire, Siegfried said ¨It was a fun time, the bonfire was a lot larger than I thought so that was cool.¨

When asked about the significance of the event Siegfried responded saying ¨I think the significance would be some type of metaphor showing we will beat the other teams.¨

When asked about his favorite part of the event Siegfried responded saying ¨My favorite part was the sight of the bonfire when it had fully lit up.¨ 

Students and teachers who couldn’t make it this year should all make an attempt to come to next year’s Spartan Bonfire. It only comes once a year and it’s a perfect opportunity to get together with other Spartans, and the fire is always a sight to see. The Bonfire is within walking distance of the school, it’s a great way to show school spirit and to show the football team that they have our support.