The Life of a Department Chair


Mel McGlynn

Each department at the Wyoming Valley West High School has a department chairperson. They each represent their respective department and help both teachers and students alike.

Starting off with Mrs. Leary, the Math Dept. Chair. As a math teacher, Mrs. Leary works as a leader of the High School, Middle School, and Elementary school math classes. “I wanted to make a difference in our school as both a teacher and support for the other teachers in the HS Math Department.” Mrs. Leary also helps prepare the Algebra 1 Keystone Exam by distributing and providing calculators and other materials.

Mr. Griffith is the English Dept. Chair and has been teaching since the fall of 1990. “I was blessed to be mentored by a variety of outstanding educators who provided amazing academic insights and a solid foundation for success as an educator.” Mr. Griffith helps prepare the Literature Keystone Exam and other English class needed materials. “It is important to help bridge the gap and address any concerns that arise within the department and keep the administration aware and informed of all that is happening.”

For the science department, Mr. Bonczewski is the department chair. “I wanted to be more involved with academic responsibilities and decisions related to the district.”  Mr. Bonczewski provides the Science Department with different resources along with distributing the Biology Keystone Exam. There are many important things the Science Department has to offer.

Mrs. Bennett is the Social Studies Dept. Chair. “I want to make positive contributions to the Social Studies department and the school district.” Mrs. Bennett is responsible for the Act 35 Civics Exam and the ASVAB exam. Another thing that Mrs. Bennett does is work with Ms. Finnegan to advise the All Over the World Club.

For the Language Department, Mrs. Evans works as the Language Dept. Chair. “As a department chair, you have a greater ability to help students, colleagues, and administration have a positive impact on the school culture.” Mrs. Evans is also the advisor for the French and Spanish National Honors Society and coordinates the meetings and activities.

All the department chairs work together to make the school a better place and make sure their students succeed academically.