The PBIS March Madness Dodgeball Tournament!


Mel McGlynn

On Friday, March 17th PBIS held a dodgeball tournament for the entire school to watch. There were 4 teams consisting of 5 students and 5 teachers. Team Hettes, Team Cunningham, Team Owens/Rodway, and Team Munzing competed in this March Madness event and were cheered on by the whole school. Everyone was pepped up while the band played in the gym.

“I was most excited to get the entire school packed into the gym for this community event.” Mr. Hettes stated. Since Mr. Hettes and Ms. Finnegan ran this event, they wanted to make it a great one. “It is a lot to prepare for a big event like this but the PBIS team always works together to make a successful event.” Even though Team Hettes lost the first round, they still played their part and put their effort in.

Miss Owens and Ms. Rodway are both gym teachers and shared their team together. “Seeing the students hyped up all week was great, but we also liked the chemistry of our team,” Owens said. Team Owens/Rodway won against Team Munzing during the second round and lost to Team Cunningham during the finals. “We were very happy with our team’s performance! Although we couldn’t fully execute in the championship, it was fun to watch Carlos and Ty play one on one for the final few minutes.”

“The build up to the tournament and the students excitement was the best part,” stated Mrs. Munzing. “To see the students so excited and get so fired up for their team of choice was awesome.” Mrs. Munzing’s team played during the second round against Team Owens/Rodway. Team Munzing had a strategy, “Our main strategy was to use Cardona as a runner to retrieve all the balls and to keep Mason in as long as possible.” Even though they didn’t win, Team Munzing had fun regardless.

Ultimately, Mr. Cunningham’s team was the champions of the tournament. Team Cunningham practiced their skills and all worked together until the finals. “Our team had a game plan, where we tried to play to our strengths and minimize any weaknesses.” Each member of the team had certain roles and executed them very well.

Team Cunningham used their skills to win against both Team Hettes and Team Owens/Rodway. “You could not have asked for a better ending with a Mickey Mantle style catch by Ty Makarewicz.” Everyone rooting for Team Cunningham cheered as they won the finals. “I was really happy with our team’s performance. Every team did an amazing job, especially the students.”